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Many of our clients come to see a nutritionist or dietitian because they’ve been to the doctor, had a blood test and have been told that something is not right. Maybe cholesterol is high or iron levels are low.

We love to help our clients make dietary changes to improve these blood biochemistry measures. But, without retesting, it’s hard to know if these dietary changes are making any difference. Clients have to make another expensive doctors appointment just to get a referral for a retest of cholesterol, blood sugars or Vitamin B12.

Now you can get blood test results without a GP.

The Healthy Eating Hub is excited to offer client referrals for blood and pathology tests, directly from their nutritionist or dietitian, through Laverty Pathology.

Now you can learn and apply evidenced-based nutrition strategies, and get accurate biochemical feedback, all in the one place!

1. Purchase your test

Simply pay for your blood and pathology tests at the time of your consultation with a Healthy Eating Hub practitioner. You can purchase a referral for:

Cholesterol Testing

Find out your:

  • Total cholesterol
  • HDL (healthy) cholesterol
  • LDL (unhealthy) cholesterol
  • Triglycerides


 Diabetes Monitoring 

Find out your:

  • Fasting blood glucose levels
  • HBA1c


Insulin Resistance Testing 

 Find out your:

  • Cholesterol levels
  • HOMA index – a measure of insulin sensitivity/resistance


Iron Testing

 Find out if your iron levels are within a healthy range.


Vitamin B12 Testing

Find out if your Vitamin B12 levels are within a healthy range.


And many more…

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2. Get tested

Then, head along to a Laverty Pathology Collection Centre to conduct the test. With over 650 Patient Collection Centres throughout NSW and the ACT, you will find a convenient location near you.

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3. Learn, apply and improve

Lastly, your Healthy Eating Hub practitioner will contact you to discuss the results of your tests. Your practitioner will help you find individualised nutrition strategies to achieve your health goals. You will always be promptly provided with the results of your blood and pathology tests.

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Conditions and Claiming

  • Referrals for pathology are for The Healthy Eating Hub’s existing clients. To receive a pathology referral client’s must have attended a first consultation
  • Whether a client will need to attend a subsequent consultation to receive a referral or collect their results, is at their practitioner’s discretion.
  • Pathology tests must be paid for in full at the time of referral, either over the phone or in person.
  • Medicare does not cover pathology tests referred from nutritionists and dietitians.
  • Private health insurers may cover pathology testing. Please contact your insurer for more information. Private health insurance claims for biochemistry cannot be processed through our HICAPs machine.