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To Supplement Or Not To Supplement

Fibre: To Supplement Or Not To Supplement? 

“Are fibre supplements necessary for good gut health?”  With the recent surge in research confirming the importance of overall good gut health, I commonly get asked whether a fibre supplement is needed. The benefits of fibre or dietary fibre (interchangeable terms) seem endless. Fibre is more than just a preventative measure for constipation, it has been shown to lower cholesterol, stabilise blood glucose levels and even support long term weight […]

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What your Cholesterol Says About you

You’re busy! Life is hectic and your trying to juggle work, family, social commitments and a bit of time for yourself as well. Frankly there aren’t enough hours in the day. In the midst of all that, you’re trying to be healthy, make good food decisions and move your body. You think you’re doing a […]

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10 Ways to Improve Your Cholesterol: Part 2

6. Make swaps for fish and nuts. What’s special about fish and nuts? They are both good sources of polyunsaturated fats! Studies have shown that polyunsaturated fats can improve your healthy cholesterol and reduce your unhealthy cholesterol. Here are some ways that you can include more polyunsaturated fats in your diet: Add tinned tuna to pasta, […]

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