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Healthy lunch in bed for pregnant woman

Help! I’ve Got Gestational Diabetes! Now what?

You’re mid-way through your pregnancy and your doctor has scheduled a routine test for gestational diabetes. You’re feeling pretty confident as you drink that awful sugary sweet test drink. Why shouldn’t you be? Diabetes doesn’t run in your family, you’ve never been obese and you feel like you eat fairly healthy. You’re totally going to […]

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Vegetarian breakfast bowl with spinach, arugula, avocado, seeds and sprouts

5 Weight Loss Food Traps to Watch Out For!

Have you ever felt like you’re struggling to keep the weight off, despite only eating “healthy food”? With so much conflicting nutrition “advice” floating around social and mainstream media, as well as clever marketing and advertising, you could almost be forgiven for being duped into thinking you were doing your waistline a favour by eating […]

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Portrait Of Happy Young Man Having Healthy Breakfast

Could You Have Diabetes?

What condition do you associate with these words? Sugar. Overweight. Thirst. Dizziness. Fatigue. Excessively urinating. Cakes. Sweets. What about these words? Protein. Slim. Thirsty. Dizzy. Fatigued. Excessively urinating. Low fat and low sugar diet. If you said diabetes you are right. There are a variety of symptoms that could indicate you have diabetes: Fatigue Dizziness […]

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De-mystifying Diabetes

I really love Jamie Oliver! He’s fantastic at making nutrition messages relevant, especially when he uses wheelbarrows and buses full of sugar as an effective shock tactic. However, as I watched his T.E.D talk one night on my laptop, I noticed that, while he talks fervently about how diabetes and other health conditions are preventable […]

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