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Our New Office at Stellar

2018 looks to be a stellar year for The Healthy Eating Hub! On the 1st March, we’ll be opening the doors on our brand new head office and our second location in Canberra. The Canberra Southern Cross Club is opening a new health and wellness centre, Stellar Canberra and we’re super excited to announce that […]

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Why We Overeat Part 2: Outsmarting our instincts

In part 1 of this series, I covered some of our brains evolutionary traits that play a role in why we frequently overeat despite not wanting to. If you haven’t read this yet, I highly recommend you do as this article will make much more sense! The crux of the first article was that part […]

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feature why we overeat part 2

Why We Overeat: Part 1

Picture this. Friends have invited you around for coffee in the afternoon, and you know that this also usually involves delicious pastries, cookies or other energy dense foods that make the coffee experience even better, albeit calorie expensive. Having decided to reduce the amount of energy-dense foods within your diet in order to eat within […]

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Woden Office Open January!

The Healthy Eating Hub is proud to announce.. (drum roll please).. we have opened a second office in Woden, located inside the Southern Cross Health Club! We know that some of you have trekked all the way out to our Northside office in Harrison and it can be hard to get to appointments on time, especially during […]

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Farmer's Crops

Review: farmerscrops Vegetable Boxes

Have you ever wanted to support local farmers and buy fresh local produce, but you can’t get to the weekly market? Does life get a little busy and you find yourself low on produce by the end of the week? Or have you stocked up on supermarket vegetables in the past only to find them […]

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The Psychology of Chocolate Consumption

What is it about that simple, brown, boring looking little block that makes people fall all over themselves? Seriously! Chocolate, could take over the world if it wanted – it has so much control! The effect it has on us seems to be quite profound. I have heard that some people “can’t live without chocolate” or […]

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Removing the Rules from Healthy Eating

Our managing director, Kate Freeman, had the incredible opportunity to be invited to speak at The Festival of Ambitious Ideas last week along with 11 other amazing individuals. It was a fantastic evening put on by Lighthouse Business Innovations, a fantastic Canberra organisation helping local business owners and entrepreneurs be amazing! They’ve definitely have helped […]

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