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feature beef and dijion mini sandwiches

Roast Beef & Mustard Sliders

Does anybody else love eating small versions of things because they feel like a giant? No? Well, this is awkward. Lucky, these rare roast beef and mustard sliders are delicious at any size and are a great snack that ticks all the health boxes! Ingredients (serves 2)  200g shaved rare roast beef/silverside ½ tbsp. Dijon mustard ½ tbsp. horseradish ½ cup baby spinach […]

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smoothie bowel, breakfast, recipe, heh, yoghurt, berries, coconut

High Protein Berry Smoothie Bowl

This is a delicious breakfast option for those wanting maximum taste and nutrition. Smoothie bowls are super quick and easy to make. This recipe is rich in fibre (50% of your daily needs), vitamin C and a great source of calcium and protein. Don’t be alarmed at the sugars, these come from all natural sources meaning the whole bowl […]

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5 Sure-fire Ways to Quell Hungry Kids

Ever heard the old saying “eating you out of house and home”? Most children will experience a period where they seem to eat everything in sight. This usually correlates with a growth spurt or other developmental milestone. But for some parents every afternoon seems to be filled with the words “I’m hungry” playing on repeat. […]

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Vegetarian breakfast bowl with spinach, arugula, avocado, seeds and sprouts

5 Weight Loss Food Traps to Watch Out For!

Have you ever felt like you’re struggling to keep the weight off, despite only eating “healthy food”? With so much conflicting nutrition “advice” floating around social and mainstream media, as well as clever marketing and advertising, you could almost be forgiven for being duped into thinking you were doing your waistline a favour by eating […]

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6 Food Commandments to Live By for Better Body Composition

I’ll be the first to tell you that absolute statements don’t have a place in nutrition. Nutrition advice requires context. It requires the who, when and why in order to be applicable. Hence why you won’t find me or anyone at The Hub standing on our kitchen bench shouting “THOU SHALT NOT EAT BREAD!”  [Picture […]

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