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City Running

Carb Considerations For Endurance Athletes Part 1: Daily Fuelling

For me, performance nutrition centres around three key areas: Optimising performance. Ensuring optimal recovery. Maintaining optimal health. When it comes to working with endurance athletes, there are plenty of factors that need to be considered when addressing these three points. None more important, nor more debated than carbs. Before diving into what we need to […]

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Young Women Preparing Salmon at Home

The Best Cooking Methods to Reduce FODMAPS

Did you know that different cooking and processing techniques can alter the FODMAP composition of a food? Fascinating, right? Research suggests that whether a food is boiled, strained, canned, pressed or fermented, can influence the FODMAP component of a food!  (Just remember the research around FODMAP content, food cooking and processing is still early, so […]

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Healthy lunch in bed for pregnant woman

Help! I’ve Got Gestational Diabetes! Now what?

You’re mid-way through your pregnancy and your doctor has scheduled a routine test for gestational diabetes. You’re feeling pretty confident as you drink that awful sugary sweet test drink. Why shouldn’t you be? Diabetes doesn’t run in your family, you’ve never been obese and you feel like you eat fairly healthy. You’re totally going to […]

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vegan salad tortilla wraps

Vegetarian Sources of Iron: Are you getting enough?

Did you know that 23% of Australian women are iron deficient? Iron deficiency can be a common concern linked to vegetarian and vegan diets.  And rightly so!  Iron is an important mineral that is responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood.  It also plays a critical role in immune function, muscle function and also with […]

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Pelvic pain

The Gut Series Part 1: Is it Really IBS?

IBS (aka. Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is a common functional gastrointestinal disorder. Frustratingly, IBS shares many common symptoms with more serious diseases. Symptoms include abdominal pain, bloating, irregular bowel habits, excess wind and nausea (just to name a few!). Despite what Dr. Google advises, there are currently no definitive tests available to adequately diagnose IBS, other […]

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Young woman making avocado meal in the kitchen

When Should You Follow a Low-Carb Diet?

There is lots of confusion around carbohydrates. Everyday I chat to clients who say funny things about carbohydrates like: “Today I ate this massive bread roll. It was delicious but I know that it’s too much carbs and bread is bad, right?” Or “I can’t believe the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommends eating fruit. Don’t they […]

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Sharing food

How to Get Your Partner or Family Onboard with Your Healthy Eating Goals

You’ve decided to eat healthier. Great! You’ve set goals, made plans and motivation is high. There’s just one problem. Every time you mention it to your partner they roll their eyes. When it’s their turn to cook they opt for takeaway, or maybe your kids groan and refuse to eat the new healthy dinner option […]

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Gut health

Rally Your Bacteria! 4 Simple Tips to Spark Your Own “Gut Revolution”!

A couple of weeks ago I tuned in to ABC’s Catalyst 2-part special on the “Gut Revolution”. In the series they placed two individuals on experimental diets aiming to change the profile of their gut bacteria and improve their symptoms. For those who missed it, here’s a breakdown of the two participants and what they […]

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