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Kids and Sugar

Kids and Sugar

Even before the more recent anti-sugar movement, sugar has been blamed for many things in children. I can remember from my own childhood sugar being blamed for hyperactivity, and being told that it would rot my teeth. In our current society where childhood obesity is on the rise the finger is often pointed at sugar. Recently there have been articles in […]

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5 Sure-fire Ways to Quell Hungry Kids

Ever heard the old saying “eating you out of house and home”? Most children will experience a period where they seem to eat everything in sight. This usually correlates with a growth spurt or other developmental milestone. But for some parents every afternoon seems to be filled with the words “I’m hungry” playing on repeat. […]

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A healthy day of food for kids

The best way to ensure healthy habits in adults, is to instil them in kids. Kids are developing lifelong behaviours, their view of the world, their body image and their relationship with food well into their teenage years and beyond. Childhood is the perfect time to start encouraging healthy eating and set your child up for good health. Encouraging kids to eat […]

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Your Pregnant Body Needs

What does your pregnant body need and how do you eat enough of it? This article is a brief summary of the key nutrients required in pregnancy and how to ensure you’re eating enough. Protein – As your body provides 100% of the raw materials for your growing baby, your protein needs are dramatically increased during pregnancy. […]

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