The Hub Clinic

What is involved in a consultation?

Here at The Healthy Eating Hub we believe in developing healthy eating habits through gradual change that builds on your current lifestyle. This is the basis of our consultation structure.

Your first consultation is 60 minutes in length and is all about getting started. Your practitioner will spend time getting to know you and your lifestyle thoroughly. This includes all the factors that influence your eating habits. From this information your practitioner will work with you to identify areas for improvement.

During your second consultation you and your practitioner will be looking at the next steps. Your practitioner will provide you with detailed relevant nutrition information and help you to apply this to day to day life. The aim of this process is for you to feel confident in making healthy food choices to build healthy, sustainable habits.

Support consultations are all about learning and applying further healthy eating strategies. Your practitioner is here to help you troubleshoot and problem solve barriers and challenges to healthy eating. They are often most helpful when you are feeling the least motivated.

The Healthy Eating Hub is a firm supporter of progressive change, so it’s important not to expect a complete diet overhaul after your first visit. We recommend a tailored program of 4-5 appointments, although this largely varies and your practitioner will discuss what’s best for you.

Our practitioners provide practical advice, meal ideas and recipes. We also run additional services throughout the year such as cooking classes and healthy eating workshops.

What is the difference between a nutritionist and a dietitian?

At The Healthy Eating Hub, nutritionists and dietitians are university educated in nutritional science and practical application of nutrition principles.

Nutritionists provide practical nutrition advice to healthy individuals and offer their advice within general healthy eating guidelines.

Dietitians specialise in the relationship between diet and disease. Dietitians are equipped to work with individuals with chronic and acute health conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, PCOS, allergies and intolerances. You are able to receive a rebate from your private health insurance with an appointment with a dietitian and where applicable receive a medicare rebate (See Medicare Policy for more details).

At The Healthy Eating Hub, dietitians work in the Clinic and Nutritionists work in the Membership.

Private Health Insurance Rebates

Are my appointments covered by private health insurance?

If you have private health insurance, any appointment made with one of our dietitians through the Hub Clinic is eligible to receive a rebate from your insurer. HICAPS facilities are available at our practice which allows us to offer a rebate at the point of sale. All you have to do is pay the gap.

How much will my gap payment be?

The amount you are able to claim with your private health insurer will depend on your level of cover. You can enquire with your private health insurer prior to your consultation if you wish. Simply provide your insurer with the cost of the consultation and the HICAPS item number below to find out how much you will be required to pay.

HICAPS item number:

  • First Consultation: 500
  • Second and Support consultations: 600

Which private health insurance funds offer rebates through HICAPS? 

Below are the participating health funds for dietetic services through HICAPS:

Does private health insurance cover the cost of The Hub Membership?

No. Private health insurance only covers services that are paid for on a per appointment basis, like The Hub Clinic.

Medicare Rebates

Can I get a Medicare rebate for my appointments?

Medicare rebates are only available for certain dietetics services, not with services from a nutritionist. They are available for patients with chronic conditions and complex care needs with a referral from their GP. To be eligible for a rebate, clients must book in with a dietitian and have one of the following Chronic Disease Management reports provided by their GP:

  • A GP Management Plan (GPMP) – item 721
  • Team Care Arrangement (TCA) – item 723

How much is the rebate and how many times can I claim?

The Medicare rebate for dietetic services is $53.80 and is available for a maximum of five services per patient each calendar year. Additional services are not possible in any circumstances.

Am I eligible for bulk billing?

For clients who meet the above criteria, The Healthy Eating Hub policy for Medicare rebates is as follows:

First consultations – Clients will be asked to pay the full cost of the consultation and a Medicare rebate will be refunded into their bank account either through the HICAPS machine or through manual claiming. To receive the rebate on the spot you must have your bank account registered with Medicare.

Bulk Billed 20 minute support consultations – Clients will have no out-of-pocket expenses and bulk billing will occur through the HICAPS machine.

Can I claim with Medicare for The Hub Membership?

No. Medicare rebates are only available for eligible clients for services that are paid on a per appointment basis, like The Hub Clinic.

DVA Rebates

Unfortunately we are unable to provide rebates or claiming through DVA.

Blood Testing

What tests can I be referred for?

Your practitioner can refer you for a wide range of tests including cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and insulin resistance as well as vitamin and mineral levels such as iron, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and many more. Your practitioner will walk you through the most relevant tests and ensure you are comfortable.

Do I have to make an appointment to get a referral?

To receive a referral for a pathology test you do need to be an existing client of The Healthy Eating Hub. This means that you must have had a first consultation with one of our current practitioners. If you have not had a consultation with one of our practitioners, please check out our Team (link to Team page) and make an appointment (link to make appointment page).

Whether you will need to attend a consultation to receive a referral or collect your results, is at your practitioner’s discretion. If you are unsure, please give us a call on 02 6174 4663 or email your practitioner via

 Can I claim private health or Medicare for my blood tests?

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover pathology tests referred from nutritionists and dietitians.

Private health insurers may cover biochemistry testing. Please contact your insurer for more information. Private health insurance claims for biochemistry cannot be processed through our HICAPs machine.

The Hub Membership

Can kids and teenagers join the membership?

While we agree that the knowledge contained within the membership would likely benefit everyone, at the moment we do have a 16+ age limit as a lot of the topics covered are targeted for adult lifestyles and barriers.

We would recommend that you consider one of our consultation packages for your child/ren. Consultation packages are client lead and more focused on the individual and their specific barriers. A nutritionist or dietitian will get a detailed assessment of your step-daughters current lifestyle, behaviours and habits and then work with her to develop an action plan specific to her needs.

The current available packages can be found here: