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Healthy Whole Foods Easter Menu

One of the wonderful things about holidays and special celebrations is the food!

There’s no need to get off track with your healthy habits just because it’s a long weekend. How does a healthy, whole foods Easter lunch sound to you?

With an unusual abundance of chocolate about, I think it pays to whip up a healthy dinner party for your weekend entertaining rather than spending next week in a food coma because you overdid it.

Here’s a nutritious, delicious, bursting with flavour Easter menu that consists of whole, fresh, unprocessed foods that  doesn’t overdo it on the calories.

It uses a number of principles that I teach my clients about when it comes to eating well:

  • Flavour with fresh foods, not jarred sauces or sachets – chilli, garlic, ginger, herbs, spices, lime juice, etc.
  • Use lots of vegetables, make them the star of the show – fill half your plate.
  • Use foods that look the same as when they left the farmer – make the majority of your ingredients unprocessed. Food in its whole state is the best way to eat it.

Healthy Whole Food Easter Menu

Entree – Chilli Rock Salt Prawns

Chilli rock salt prawns
Mains – Pan-fried Salmon with Crispy Potatoes and Garlic Almond Vegetables

almond and garlic brussels sprouts and carrots

Desert – Fruit Salad Chocolate Baskets

fruit salad chocolate baskets

From all of us here at The Healthy Eating Hub, we wish you a very happy Easter, remember the true meaning of this wonderful holiday and have a safe and relaxing long weekend.

Did you know that we can teach you how to cook? Our kitchen consultation involves cooking one-on-one with your dietitian and teaches you simple, fresh, easy meals that can help inspire you to live a healthier life. 

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