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Staying Hydrated on the Low FODMAP Diet

‘What can I drink other than water?’ If you are thinking this, you are not alone! This is a common question when starting the low FODMAP diet. Staying hydrated is very important.  Our body needs fluid to maintain the function of every system! Staying hydrated can prevent: thirst, hunger, dry skin, constipation, tiredness, irritability, mood […]

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High Protein Berry Smoothie Bowl

This is a delicious breakfast option for those wanting maximum taste and nutrition. Smoothie bowls are super quick and easy to make. This recipe is rich in fibre (50% of your daily needs), vitamin C and a great source of calcium and protein. Don’t be alarmed at the sugars, these come from all natural sources meaning the whole bowl […]

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That's it, we're going on a hunger strike

4 Reasons Why You Need to Address Your Child’s Fussy Eating

Most parents who have dealt with toddlers or pre-schoolers have encountered some degree of fussy eating. As frustrating as it is, fussy eating is a normal part of a child’s development. Most children between 18 months and 5 years will go through a period of neophobia. This refers to a refusal to try new, unfamiliar […]

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Hand Held BBQ Favorites

The Myth of Moderation

It’s all about moderation, right? That’s what we’ve been told by health professionals for years. Nothing is good or bad if you have it in moderation. I wholeheartedly agree with this premise. The problem is – what the heck does moderation look like!!!??????!! The problem with ‘moderation’. We’re all human. We’re not perfect – in […]

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Fresh vegetables

Your Guide to Alternative Investigations of IBS

Your gut isn’t happy. What started as random discomforting symptoms is now becoming more frequent.  For the first few days, weeks and even months, you write them off. You start to think about what changes you have made in your life. What may be causing your gut problems, but everything seems to be the same. […]

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It’s hard to choose healthy food concept, with woman hand holding an green apple and a calorie bomb donut

Why You Shouldn’t Stress About the Sugar in These Foods

We’ve always known that eating too much sugar or more specifically copious amounts of lollies, cakes and chocolate wasn’t good for us. However, messages in the media these days hint at the apparent dangers of hidden sugars, the ones lurking in so-called “healthy foods” or foods that may not even taste sweet. With all this […]

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Garlic & Rosemary Baked Mushrooms with Haloumi

If you’ve been looking for a great vegetarian baked dinner, then look no further. Mushrooms are a great source of B group vitamins, which are essential for metabolism and healthy red blood cell formation. They are also a good dietary source of selenium, which works as an antioxidant in the body preventing cell damage. The […]

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Healthy lunch in bed for pregnant woman

Help! I’ve Got Gestational Diabetes! Now what?

You’re mid-way through your pregnancy and your doctor has scheduled a routine test for gestational diabetes. You’re feeling pretty confident as you drink that awful sugary sweet test drink. Why shouldn’t you be? Diabetes doesn’t run in your family, you’ve never been obese and you feel like you eat fairly healthy. You’re totally going to […]

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vegan pesto pasta

Vegan Pesto Tofu Pasta

Exactly 12 months ago, the practitioners at the Hub found themselves in a heated discussion. “Aioli is the best condiment going round” I recall a confident Kate Freeman proposing. Needless to say, others felt that other sauces/condiments were equally delicious. None more so than Pesto. So we put it to the polls and guess what!? […]

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5 Sure-fire Ways to Quell Hungry Kids

Ever heard the old saying “eating you out of house and home”? Most children will experience a period where they seem to eat everything in sight. This usually correlates with a growth spurt or other developmental milestone. But for some parents every afternoon seems to be filled with the words “I’m hungry” playing on repeat. […]

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