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Should I Switch to Low Fat Products?

The supermarket shelves are absolutely bursting with low fat or reduced fat versions of nearly every type of food imaginable. For the longest time fat has been the enemy, and often when trying to eat healthier the first strategy many people employ is to make the switch to low-fat products. I often have clients who […]

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10 Ways to Eat Autumn Fruit and Vegetables

The wonderful thing about the changing seasons is the different array of fruits and vegetables that become available. Eating seasonally is a healthy, economical way to feed yourself and your family. Don’t get bored of your fresh produce, get creative instead! For a great list of what’s in season head to the Seasonal Guide at Sydney […]

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5 Weight Loss Food Traps to Watch Out For!

Have you ever felt like you’re struggling to keep the weight off, despite only eating “healthy food”? With so much conflicting nutrition “advice” floating around social and mainstream media, as well as clever marketing and advertising, you could almost be forgiven for being duped into thinking you were doing your waistline a favour by eating […]

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When Should You Follow a Low-Carb Diet?

There is lots of confusion around carbohydrates. Everyday I chat to clients who say funny things about carbohydrates like: “Today I ate this massive bread roll. It was delicious but I know that it’s too much carbs and bread is bad, right?” Or “I can’t believe the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommends eating fruit. Don’t they […]

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How to Get Your Partner or Family Onboard with Your Healthy Eating Goals

You’ve decided to eat healthier. Great! You’ve set goals, made plans and motivation is high. There’s just one problem. Every time you mention it to your partner they roll their eyes. When it’s their turn to cook they opt for takeaway, or maybe your kids groan and refuse to eat the new healthy dinner option […]

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Fresh Fitness: Ascend Strength and Fitness

It’s time for another Fresh Fitness adventure, where The Healthy Eating Hub Team road tests different ways of staying active. This time we headed into Gungahlin for a PT session and a HIIT class at Ascend Strength and Fitness. Location: 81 Gizzard Street, Gungahlin ACT Length: 60 minutes Price: $17/week – 12 months or $20/week – no minimum […]

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Fresh Fitness: Orange Theory Fitness

It’s time for another Fresh Fitness adventure, where The Healthy Eating Hub Team road tests different ways of staying active. This time we headed into Orangetheory Fitness to see what the hype of these new gyms is all about. Location: 10/10 Gribble Street (entry from Hibberson Street), Gungahlin ACT Length: 60 minutes Price: Contact Orangetheory Fitness for more details […]

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