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Review: farmerscrops Vegetable Boxes

12357201_871606086293608_5953661807984873966_oHave you ever wanted to support local farmers and buy fresh local produce, but you can’t get to the weekly market?

Does life get a little busy and you find yourself low on produce by the end of the week?

Or have you stocked up on supermarket vegetables in the past only to find them limp or rotten in the bottom of your fridge?

If you answered yes to the questions above then you’re going to love this new product from farmerscrops! It’s a great little local business that delivers local, farm fresh vegetables straight to your door. It’s probably as fresh as you can get without actually living on a farm!

The produce is picked from farms located in and around the ACT on a Thursday or Friday and delivered to your door on Saturday! That’s super fresh! We ordered a farmerscrops’ box No. 3, worth $59 and we were not disappointed! There were so many vegetables! Here’s what came in our box:

3 x red capsicum
3 x cucumber
1kg x tomato
2 x broccoli
3 x Zucchini
1 bunch Shallot
1 full celery
1 bunch parsley
1 bunch corriander
3 x brown onion
1 x red onion
1kg x carrots
1 x Iceburg lettuce
1 x cauliflower
1/2 green or red cabbage
1 bunch rocket
1/2 kg of potato
1/4 pumpkin

So much goodness in one box! It’s genuinely really good value for $60! We are so impressed! There are also other sized boxes available ranging from $29 – $79.

If healthy eating is on the agenda for you and your family, you can’t ignore the recommendation to eat more vegetables! Five serves per day decreases your risk of disease by up to 20%! Which is huge! One serve of vegetables is 1 cup of raw/salad vegetables and 1/2 cup cooked.

If you’d like to give it a try, farmerscrops are offering our clients 5% off their boxes! Simply contact us to collect your discount code!

We really hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Here at The Healthy Eating Hub, we take promoting foods, brands and other health businesses very seriously. It’s important to us that we only recommend quality, whole food based products that we feel genuinely fits within our philosophy. farmerscrops offered us a 50% discount to try the product.

If you need help with knowing what to do with your vegetables once you get them and putting together the rest of your diet to promote good health than please contact us for an appointment.

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