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Risotto Featured

Baked Chicken, Mushroom and Leek Risotto

MMMMM RISOTTO!! The cold weather can bring with it the need for comfort food. Something creamy, rich and filling that warms you from the inside out. Luckily, this sort of craving doesn’t have to result in making an unhealthy choice. There are many ways you can increase your volume of veg or reduce the energy […]

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Teriyaki Chicken

A delicious, hot plate of Asian takeaway has comfort food written all over it. However, this kind of takeaway is expensive, often takes over 30 minutes to deliver and is high in energy due to added fats and sugars. To help you enjoy a lazy Friday night with a delicious Asian meal, we created this […]

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moroccan chicken feature

Moroccan Chicken with CousCous

Healthy eating becomes more difficult than it needs to be when your food is boring and tasteless. That’s not the case with this super simple meal the whole family will love! Using a simple spice mix and lemon juice, plus some tasty whole foods, you’ll have a dinner you’ll come back to time and time […]

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Slow-Cooker Chorizo & Fennel

Slow-Cooker Chorizo & Fennel

You’re going to love this winter stew recipe. So hearty and full of flavour, this tasty slow-cooker meal will have you warmed up in no time. Not only is this recipe the ultimate winter comfort food, it’s packed full of fibre (11g per serve!), low in fat and very filling. Don’t forget to keep yourself […]

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chicken kebab feature

Spanish Chicken & Chorizo Kebabs

Spanish Chicken & Chorizo Kebabs Summer time means BBQ time! Some of my greatest memories in life have revolved around the good old fashioned barbie. BBQ’s don’t have to be unhealthy. In fact,  if you plan them well and use a little creativity you can put on a whopper of a barbie thats both healthy […]

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Mango & chicken pasta salad

Mango & Grilled Chicken Pasta Salad

Mango & Chicken Grilled Pasta Salad It’s mango season! If you’re like us then you’ll want to make the most of this wonderful time of year by including as much mango in your diet as possible (within reason). Not only is mango delicious, it’s rich in vitamin C, which is vital for growth and repair […]

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Healthy Chicken Schnitzel

Who doesn’t love a chicken schnitzel? I know I do! Unfortunately, the poor chicken schnitzel has never been given a very good wrap. However, this recipe will provide you with a healthy and delicious alternative. Give it a go! Healthy Chicken Schnitzel Ingredients (serves 4) Crumb Mixture ½ cup raw almonds ½ cup parmesan cheese […]

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Tandoori Chicken Pizza

I really like pizza. I think it’s because I love putting as many different types of food into my mouth at the same time and pizza allows me to do that very easily! As one of my kids would say it’s like a “party in my tummy!” Mmmmm pizza party! I reckon that the best […]

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