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Healthier Rocky Road

I love rocky road! I only ever make it at Christmas! One year, I created one with raspberry jelly lollies, marshmallows, crushed clinkers and roasted/salted peanuts. It was delicious but so sweet. I don’t mind a lolly or two sporadically, especially at Christmas, but these days I prefer my sweet treats to be a little more wholesome. […]

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3 Trail Mix Combinations

When it comes to snacking, there’s no doubt that choosing whole foods – foods which have changed little between the farmer and you and are essentially intact – is the best way to ensure maximum nutrition. Nutrients like unsaturated fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals are abundant in foods like nuts and seeds and combined with […]

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Fish and Greens with Coconut and Lime Sauce

You’re going to love this fish and greens with coconut and lime sauce. It’s restaurant quality flavour in 20 minutes at home! Seriously! One of the keys to creating healthy, yet enjoyable meals is learning how to add flavour through using naturally flavoursome whole foods. Foods like chilli, lime and coconut contain beautiful natural flavour […]

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blueberry pikelets

Blueberry and Coconut Pikelets

Do you ever get stuck for ideas on what to pop into your kid’s lunch boxes as a quick, tasty and healthy snack? Pikelets are a great option! Pikelets are a fantastic idea as they’re quick and easy to make and once you’ve made a batch of them, they’ll last in the fridge for 4-5 days. […]

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Pine, Lime and Coconut Smoothie

Smoothies are a delicious snack for dessert in summer time and one great way to eat your fruit serves each day. Make sure you keep the whole fruit in each smoothie so you get all the health benefits from dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. The smoothie below is equivalent to 1 serve of fruit and […]

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Coconut Granola

I first discovered granola when I was traveling in Europe. It was one of the first times in my life that I was buying all my own food. It was so exciting to branch out of what Mum and Dad had always stocked in the pantry at home. To save money we bought a big […]

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Natural Muesli, Yoghurt and Berries

Starting your day with a nourishing breakfast has many benefits. It’s a great way to re-fuel after a hard workout session, it sets you up for an energy filled morning plus it’s totally delicious. Muesli is a great breakfast option because the whole grains, nuts and seeds are a great source of fibre. Adding a […]

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choc chia smoothie

Choc Coconut Chia Smoothie

It’s never been more popular to blend your food! As a matter of fact, smoothies are taking the nutrition world by storm with literally thousands of recipes online to choose from. If you’re living a busy lifestyle, smoothies can be a great healthy options, particularly if you’re using lots of whole, fresh foods. You can whip up […]

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Goji Choc Oat Slice

With the start of the new school year in full swing, I know that many parents are after new and creative ways to put healthy food in their child’s lunchbox. I’m a big believer in keeping things simple, especially for school lunch boxes, and that healthy eating doesn’t need to be more complicated than vegetable […]

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