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Is Weight-Loss Surgery for Me? 

You’ve battled with weight loss and dieting all your adult life. Name a diet or food fad – if it exists, you’ve tried it. Yet despite all your efforts it just seems like you just can’t seem to keep the weight off. The weight keeps coming back with a vengeance, each time with a little […]

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Summer Beach Bikini Body

Making Friends with Your Body this Summer 

Now that we’re well and truly in the warmer months, the Big Marketing machine is in full swing preying on our body hang-ups in a bid to make a quick dollar. Just look on the cover of most magazines or morning show ad segments. Everyone has got some new diet or product that promises to […]

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Exercise: To Snack, or Not to Snack?

A common question I get asked when working with active people and athletes is: “What is the best snack to eat before or after exercise?”. That question is like asking, “What is the best outfit to wear?” To be able to find the best fit for you, we need to learn more information about performance […]

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Why is tummy fat worse than other types of body fat? 

Why is tummy fat worse than other types of body fat? 

Thinking about our body fat may make a lot of us wriggle uncomfortably in our seats. Which is easy enough to understand, given how aggressively all those diets and “one simple trick/food/exercise” click-bait articles promising a shredded physique are being marketed to us on a daily basis. Not to mention all those pictures posted by Insta-famous influencers who […]

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Should You Eat a Pre-Exercise Snack?

Unfortunately, the answer is not a simple yes or no. There are lots of different factors that determine whether having a pre-exercise snack is recommended or not. Factors such as why you are exercising, how long you are exercising for and the intensity of that exercise will all play a part in determining whether you […]

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losing weight after menopause

Losing Weight After Menopause

As women, our bodies don’t really give us an easy run through life. In our formative teenage years we have to start dealing with dramatic changes in body shape and monthly visits from ‘Aunty Flow’. She brings with her mood swings, cramps and cravings (and that’s the best-case scenario!). Then, many women go through pregnancy […]

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