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liver disease

Eating Well for Chronic Liver Disease 

The liver is truly astonishing. It’s like our own personal little beehive situated in the upper right side of our abdomen, buzzing away as we go about our lives unaware of the powerhouse at work within us.   Of it’s many essential roles, the major functions of the liver’s cells (or as I like to think of them, the liver’s worker bees) are to digest, metabolise, store and utilise nutrients from […]

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Happy little boy waiting for dinner.

Feeding Fussy Kids: The Importance of When 

In the first article of this fussy eating series I introduced Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility – if you missed it then check it out here.    As a quick recap, the Division of Responsibility outlines the roles of both caregivers and children when it comes to food and meal times. Children have just the one responsibility – they decide how much to eat. We, the care giver’s, are […]

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In the Bar/ Restaurant Waiter Takes Order From a Diverse Group of Friends. Beautiful People Drink Wine and Have Good Time in this Stylish Place. (In the Bar/ Restaurant Waiter Takes Order From a Diverse Group of Friends. Beautiful People Drink Wine an

Top 5 Tips for Eating Out 

Eating out is a big part of today’s lifestyle. It’s the muffin you buy with your coffee on your way to work, the hot chips you pick up at lunchtime and the takeaway you grab on a Friday evening. Takeaway is very convenient and something we can’t always avoid, so let’s be realistic, rather than […]

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Is Weight-Loss Surgery for Me? 

You’ve battled with weight loss and dieting all your adult life. Name a diet or food fad – if it exists, you’ve tried it. Yet despite all your efforts it just seems like you just can’t seem to keep the weight off. The weight keeps coming back with a vengeance, each time with a little […]

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Out of Control with Food

I’m out of control with food… what do I do?  

Ever get that feeling that life and food is happening TO you. That you’re spinning around-and-around between work and home and social commitments. That you’re just managing to get to each event with your head still attached let alone thinking about packing food and being prepared. You’re not alone.   For most people, the pace of life and the stressors we face […]

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feature ways to reduce food anxiety

Top 3 Ways to Reduce Food Anxiety

When it comes to food, you’re paralysed by the fear that you’re making the wrong choice. So you don’t make any choice. You keep doing what you’ve been doing for ages and you don’t really see a way out. Even the thought of changing your eating patterns makes you feel anxious and tense. Many people […]

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7 Ways to Reduce Stress Around Food

Remember the saying “the straw that broke the camel’s back”? Well if you’re like most people, you’re the camel, carrying a big ol’ load of stress filled straw on your back. Think about all the things in your current life that are causing you stress. Work deadlines, financial issues, car troubles, relationships, health, high-intensity exercise, […]

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