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Salmon, Beans and Coleslaw

Help! You’ve got to work and you’ve forgotten your lunch! Dang it! Never fear, just head to your nearest supermarket and grab these 4 ingredients. This recipe is part of our healthy convenience meal series and is a protein, fibre and nutrient rich meal with no cooking but plenty of enjoyment. Ingredients (serves 2) 200g […]

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Cajun Fish and Noodle Salad

This recipe brings together the unique flavours of cajun spice, orange, fennel and mint. It is deliciously fresh and will keep you feeling full and satisfied while ticking your key nutritional goals of protein, fibre, vegetables and healthy fats. You can throw this meal together in under 20 minutes for an easy weeknight dinner. Ingredients […]

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Salmon and Couscous

Salmon and Couscous

Salmon has some impressive health benefits. It is rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, a great source of protein, contains high levels of B Vitamins, may reduce the risk of heart disease, can help fight inflammation and protects brain health. Just to add to the list of already impressive benefits, it is also delicious and versatile. […]

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Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips Ingredients (serves 4) 4x 150g white fish fillets (perch, snapper, barramundi, ling, basa, etc.) 2 large potatoes (400g), skin on, cut into inch sized chunks 1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 1 lemon, quartered 4 tsp. dried mixed herbs salt and pepper Method Place the potatoes into a saucepan, cover with water […]

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Calamari and Bacon Salad

Creating a protein rich, flavoursome, lower carb meal can become overwhelming. When I mention protein, most people think chicken and eggs, while baulking at the thought of eating those two foods continuously for the rest of their lives. Argh! Fear not! There are lots of new and different foods that are fantastic sources of protein, […]

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For the Love of Seafood!

Seafood (NOT the version where your 10-year-old shoves their open mouth in your face whilst chewing their spaghetti Bolognese) is a highly nutritious group of whole foods that we should be eating more of. Seafood is so nutritious. It’s well-known for it’s composition of omega 3 fats, but the entire purpose of this article is to inspire […]

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Toasted Smoked Salmon Wrap

This begins a short series of recipes I developed for your Sandwich Press, which is the most underrated cooking appliance in the kitchen. I don’t need a air fryer, a soup maker, a pie maker or a bread maker. I have all of those and they are called ‘the stove’ and ‘the oven’. But, I […]

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