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Kids and Sugar

Kids and Sugar

Even before the more recent anti-sugar movement, sugar has been blamed for many things in children. I can remember from my own childhood sugar being blamed for hyperactivity, and being told that it would rot my teeth. In our current society where childhood obesity is on the rise the finger is often pointed at sugar. Recently there have been articles in […]

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Feeding Toddlers and Fussy Eaters

Feeding fussy eaters can be a real challenge and meal times can easily become stressful and unenjoyable for both you and your child. You know they need to be eating healthy food: fruits, vegetables, wholegrains and lean meats; but how are they supposed to stay healthy when you can’t get them to eat the food in […]

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How to Get Toddlers to Eat Healthy Food

Many parents struggle with getting their young children to try new foods, eat enough vegetables and just generally have some healthy variety in their diet. Fortunately, there are some answers to your fussy toddler woes. Many parents are unknowingly making simple, common mistakes that once corrected can change the food life of your toddler dramatically. […]

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