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I’ve been helping people with their nutrition for a LONG time. And throughout that time, I’ve pretty much met two kinds of people who want to change their eating habits.

The first person is confused and they don’t know where to start. This confusion leads to inconsistency because they’re constantly second guessing their approach. One minute they’re trying keto, then it’s fasting. Oh no, wait, maybe they’ll try weight watchers. Their shiny object syndrome is really holding them back, because they never stick to anything long enough to get results.

The second person is so gung-ho about changing their eating habits that they try to change everything about their diet all at once. I love their enthusiasm but this rarely ends well! Changing their diet all at once, within a busy lifestyle, is pretty full on! As predicted, most people find it’s all too much and give up. The motivation only lasts so long. What do they do when they’re in one of those moods when they just don’t care anymore? They eat all the foods, that’s what. And then they start again on Monday.

Sound familiar? So.. what’s a person to do?

Long term healthy eating requires a completely different approach to a 12 week challenge or short term diet. You must understand a few key things:

You need to create yourself a NEW NORMAL.

  • You need to change your HABITS. Your DEFAULT. The little things that you do every day when you’re not consciously thinking. Healthy eating needs to be automatic.
  • You need to develop new SKILLS. Cook new meals, portion out foods, plan your snacks, learn new flavouring techniques, manage social situations – and much more!
  • You need to SLOW DOWN. You can’t change it all at once – you’ll just wear yourself out! You’ve got to focus on one habit at a time, so you can give yourself the time and space to create that new normal! These things don’t happen overnight.

In the end, even the best nutritionists and dietitians (my team – I’m biased, I know!), can’t do it for you! We can only guide you with the best, up to date information, give you practical advice, lots of recipes and ongoing accountability and support. You’ve got to be the one who takes the steps towards creating your new normal.

All is not lost!

With over 14 years in the industry, I’m constantly obsessing over how I can help you achieve this.

The first way, is with our membership program. It’s a habit building program that teaches you how to eat well for the rest of your life; it’s unlike anything you’ve come across before online! It teaches you one healthy eating habit at a time!

The second way and the one I’m so friggin’ excited to tell you about is THE HUB BOXES!

They’re a series of 12 boxes full of whole fresh foods, local Canberra products that I love and each of them teaches you ONE key healthy eating habit and gives you everything you need to put that habit into practice. Recipes, meal ideas, healthy eating tips and the most important part: ALL THE FOOD you need to take action straight away.

We will deliver these boxes right to your door every fortnight – that way you’ll have everything you need to get stuck into practicing the habits that will make up your NEW NORMAL.

Here’s what you’re going to learn if you subscribe to the 12 box series:

Box 1: Plant One Me

This one is all about vegetables. You simple can’t eat well without them, so you may as well learn to love them. This box will help you do it!

Box 2: Love ‘n’ Leafy Greens

This box is all about salad. Salad doesn’t have to be boring and is a great way of getting the ol’ vegetable intake up there! You’ll learn how to make a nourish plate plus get heaps of other great salad ideas!

Box 3: Afternoon Delight

Struggling with snacks? This box is where it’s at! We teach you an epic fruit salsa as well as lots of easy daily snack ideas and introduce you to The Muesli Bar’s amazing grain-free granola. OMG! So good!

Box 4: Thick ‘n’ Quick

Smoothies are thick and quick, so it makes sense that this is a smoothie box. You’ll learn three great recipes and master a delicious green smoothie (promise, not gross at all) and if green is not your thing, the pink smoothie will definitely get you going!

Box 5: Rollin’ in the Hay

Fibre is vital for good gut health and most people we meet day-to-day blame their poor gut health on other random things, when it’s just that they’re not hitting their daily fibre intake. This box will show you how and it’s full of the best high fibre foods that money can buy! You don’t get good gut health from potions and elixirs. You get it from this box.

Box 6: Frank ‘n’ Beans

Legumes are so healthy. Seriously they are and they just don’t get enough love. This box is full of legume love and I promise if you buy this box, make the recipes and eat the food, that you will love legumes by the end of it. Ok great. Good talk.

Box 7: Spice Up Your Life

The Spice Girls were onto something when they wrote that song and it was them that inspired me to create this box. You will learn some AMAZING flavour combos and some epic recipes. Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring; this box will blow your head off. In a really positive way.

Box 8: Get Some

If you struggle with sugar cravings and food guilt then this box was created with you in mind. You don’t have to feel bad for wanting sweet food! Sweet food is delicious, you’re not a crazy person for thinking that. This box will encourage you to get some whole foods into dessert and when you create the epic rocky road recipe I want you to enjoy every friggin’ mouthful! Ok? Do it for me!

Box 9: A Good Lay

Eggs are just so great. You can make so many easy meals with them, plus they are really good for you as part of a well-balanced diet. What’s a well-balanced diet, I hear you ask? What you get in this box is a well-balanced diet! You’re welcome!

Box 10: Makin’ Bacon

I know what you’re thinking. How can bacon be a healthy eating habit? Well, it can be, as part of this box. Because bacon is a source of protein and protein is a really important part of a healthy diet.

Box 11: Quickie

Good things can be quick. Just like Vanilla Ice’s time on the music charts. You’ll have these healthy delicious meals on the table quicker than you can sing “Ice Ice Baby”.

Box 12: Morning Glory

I don’t find breakfast easy to eat. Especially on a busy morning when I’ve got to cram something in while getting the family ready for the day. This box is designed to inspire you to see breakfast as an opportunity for nourishment and no matter what time you eat it, set your day up for success!

I’m excited to offer you this special range and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

I gathered my favourite products into these boxes for you to try. Products like granola from The Muesli Bar, Lush yoghurt from Country Valley and the most amazing oats, nuts, seeds and spices from The Source Bulk Foods in Dickson. SO SO GOOD!

If you’re like:”Good lord, I have to have one of these boxes” then read on. You can choose from two different options: Subscribe to all 12 or just get a single box.

If you’re keen to find out more, click below! We know you’re going to love them!

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